Travel - Episode 13 - 2020

Travel - Episode 13 - 2020

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Episode 13 2020 of the Strange But True Radio Podcast with Philip Keeler.

A storytelling and meditation podcast to help you relax.

Author Philip J S Jones is traveling the length of the Amazon, he started out in Peru, and in this episode he is now in Brazil arriving in Santerem.

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  1. 00:12
    Luwaks - Into The Blue
  2. 03:39
    Walking Hearts feat. Jason Dering - Too Fast for a Broken Heart
  3. 22:58
    Candelion feat. Cara Dee - Even If the Sky Is Falling Down
  4. 44:17
    Keppel Skies - Pablo IV
  5. 58:42
    Luwaks - Into The Blue

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